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Thursday, March 02, 2006

digg - Submit Item

A quick look at the source code has it right there for you to see at the very top, no digging around at all. It says Origami Project: the Mobile PC running Windows XP. Well, guess that's it.

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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Systm 5 is done and is encoding right now!

Jay said at the Revision3 forums: "The episode has been encoding since last night (read: finished) and will be released ASAP. " Sorry about the link, but ironically digg won't link to it from a report on it.

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Systm 5 is coming soon!

Systm 5 according to Jay of Revision 3, is done and is encoding now! Check it out here it is the 2nd to last post on the page, should bring you right to it through link. I wonder what it will be about...hopefully something awesome!

To All Diggers: Sorry about linking here, but it wouldn't let me link to Revision3.com...ironic considering the same guys works at both!

Monday, December 05, 2005

Now this is a cool way to wiki!

OK, so searching around digg, I found this cool site. It shows some ways that you could edit in place, right on the page, without having to go to an edit page, like Wikipedia does now. It worked perfectly, and one of the best examples was the one to edit the HTML in the document, then see what it looks like. If I could just do this withing Blogger to tell what it will do to my site, then I would, because editing the HTML now takes a lot of trial and error, especially for sizes (check out my podcast sidebar to get that exactly) If you want to check out some of the future of the web, go here.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Hard Drive Coffee Table

So I knew that computers were big when they were first invented, with a little bity fraction of the power of modern ones. I never really thought that the insides would be this huge either. See, when I went to this site, about a hard drive coffee table, I thought he just took a bunch of old hard drives and made them into a table. No, he took a whole freakin hard drive disk from a huge computer and put a tube under it. The thing is 26"!!! I wonder how much memory it held. (or still holds...?) Anyway, here are the links to this masterpiece of furniture!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I Played an Xbox 360...

I got to play an Xbox 360. Now, in my podcast this next week, I will go more in depth, but a real quick first impressions I will give to all my blog readers. I got at Wal-Mart for Star Wars Episode III, and just walked by the electronics. Looked at some stuff, then turned towards the video games. I looked right, and BAM! a white controller was sitting beside me. I almost dropped the movie, and started playing with it, checking out the console and controller. I went through a few menus, but was short on time so I couldn't go full on into games (check podcast for that later). The controller is almost the same as the Xbox. One thing not mentioned is that the face buttons are a little loose, too easy to push on . The 4 top buttons feel right, but I didn't naturally put my fingers on the former black and whites, but back on the triggers. This was still easy to reach quickly. The controller is bigger than I expected up close, but it wasn't a huge surprise. The demo disc has a bunch of videos, and the demos. If you want more, check out my podcast, and I will talk about it!

Friday, October 07, 2005

AOL News of right now!

AOL has changed their name...to AOL!!! In an interview at the Web 2.0 conference, AOL CEO Jonathan Miller said they were changing their name from America Online to just AOL, because in other contries, believe it or not, they don't like it being AMERICA online. In other AOL news, they haven't decided yet if they should partner up with MIcrosoft. The other candidates were Yahoo and Google, but Yahoo is too much like AOL, and Google is too cool for someone like AOL. Microsoft is a good choice, since they are both the kids who sit alone at lunch. Also, they shipped out 660 million CDs this year, and it seems about a hundred came to me alone! In other other news, No More AOL CDs has collected 374,647 discs, and are a third there on there way to 1 million. And thats your AOL news roundup!

iFizzle up you browser!

Want a cool looking blog, something unique and different? Well, this guy sure did, and he succeded in his quest for one of the coolest and innovative blog I have seen in a while. It is done in flash, which usually is a bad thing for me, but this one is an emulator of sorts to a Mac OSX. It has that sort of interface, you can listen to music via iTunes (good for podcasts?), read his blog posts through documents he had written on his Mac, and look at his photos through iPhoto. Of course it isn't a direct emulator of the OS, but it is pretty neat for a blog standpoint. Be sure to go check out iFizzle, here!

P.S. The 6th episode of my 60 Frames Per Second podcast was released this week, check it out here.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

60 Frames Per Second Episode 5

From the 60 FPS Blog. Go there for more info and feeds.

It is out and on the net! Can I get a w00t! This episode is extra special for two reasons, one, its shorter than 30 minutes (which isn't technically good, but hey), and I got to say 1337! Anyway, I am trying to put aside the fact I got delayed from a bunch of bunnies, but I think you guys will be OK with it (not like I'm usually early!) I can go ahead and tell you that next weeks cast will either be a Monday or Tuesday release, since I will be gone for the weekend. So, stay tuned to the sites, and listen to this for some cool info. Not the next episode, but number 7, I might have some intro music playing for ya'll. Maybe it will be good if I can do it well enough with my very few editing skills (highlight, delete, record, etc. very basic for this podcast) Well, download now, read later, then check the shownotes for the stuff you want more of.

Direct Download Links
High Quality 128kbps
Lower Quality 64 kbps
And the Ogg Vorbis

Stream it! (.m3u)

Archive.org Information Page

In the Sidebar! (Yes, I'm lazy, but they are RIGHT THERE!!!)

GameBoy Micro Opening
Xbox 360 GamerTag Changing (Video has been removed, but this article talks about it briefly)
Microsoft XWand Research Page
XWand Video in Action
Saints Row Interview (Information I got in bold near bottom)
Origen Xbox 360
Ebay Xbox 360 Controller Auction Page
Thread about Revolution Specs (middle of page, look for username Han Solo)
Ninja Gaiden Black Review
Real-Time Metal Gear Solid 4 with Kojima
Perfect Dark Zero - The Statement
Forum Thread About Peter Jackson Directing Halo Movie
Gears of War Running at...16 Frames Per Second!!! Thats 44 less than us!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Cool Google Facts!

We all love or Google for it's very plain style. A logo, search box, buttons, a link or two, and that's it. Want to know why it looks so plain. Google's founders didn't know HTML! Even I know a lot of basic HTML, not to where I could make a full site just using it, but can make a crappy slightly better than Google one. This and a lot of other cool facts, like Google using to 20/5 % rules, can be found here, where it lists details from an interview with Marissa Mayer. Since Google pretty much takes up a lot of my posts, I might as well fir this in. Also, while we are sticking to Google, they might get in a lawsuit against Chinese site Gmail.cn`. Apparently Gmail looks like it (just see for yourself) but if Google is half as rich as their stocks tell, then they will win.

Windows Vista got the need for speed?

One of the many complaints of Windows users, or any computer users, is that loading an Operating System takes time. It might take a minute or two for Windows to start up, and then another minute to load your start-ups. (Windows tip of the day: Disable most of your start-ups. Open them when you need to. Saves time.) Well, Microsoft has said that Vista's load time will be maybe 2 or 3...seconds!!! They want it to be on and off, like a TV. If they accomplish this, and you don't have to have 2 gigs of RAM, then this is going to be cool. I am the worst about leaving the room after starting up my computer. I to sit and watch the BIOS load and then Windows load, then have to log onto my username. If I can do this all under 30 seconds I will be happy. This is a bold statement by Microsoft, but if they nail it, this OS might be worth something. For more info on Vista, and the quick on and off feature, check out this site.

The Cult of Red Vs. Blue

If you go to this blog a lot, you know I love Red Vs. Blue from Rooster Teether Productions. Toms Hardware has posted an article called “The Cult of Red Vs. Blue”. I was thinking like a Napoleon Dynamite type cult thing, where he would probably make fun of us blue spider loving people. But it was about how they started and their plans. It was pretty interesting, but if you have listened to the commentaries on any of them more than once, you know most of this stuff. Either way, its a fun read on Tom's Hardware, and it isn't a fully technical article like most on his site are! Here is the link to the article.

P.S. I just checked the Red Vs. Blue site to have a link for this post, and episode 62 has been released. I think Season 4 is the funniest so far, so check the new episode out here.